Thursday, December 8, 2011

REAL Wreath Making Fundraiser

The girls had a fundraiser this past weekend which involved making your own authentic wreath! It was SO fun...and sticky...and prickly! There were men who assembled the branches into the wreath shape via wire while us ladies got to pick out the embellishments from a table full of pine cones, ornaments, ribbon, glitter, and spray paint! We attached everything via wire or elastic which was challenging.  No glue guns here! 

It was a really fun way to raise money for the girl's school.  You could make your own wreath for 5 Euros or decorate wreaths for the school to sell this week as a fundraiser. I think ours turned out pretty cute- I hope it lasts until Christmas or at least so my Mom can see it. 

P.S. Please excuse the terrible picture quality- all I had was the iPod! :) 


  1. Fabulous! Love that you did it the old-fashioned way - so much more authentic. =)

    Please check Facebook...I sent you a message re: your in-laws. Would love to connect!

  2. Hi Nancy- I never got a Facebook message... do you know Bob & Sheri?



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