Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Snail Mail: The Surprise Edition!!!

This morning (quite early- please excuse my appearance) I got a package from my mom.  The package said "a few of your favorite things" and much to my delight, a few of my girlfriends collected some stateside "must haves" that I have been homesick for since I've been in France.  

In my loot:
- Us Weekly & Essie nail polish color of the season- Sole Mate. So fun! (Thanks Brenda!) 
- People magazines (Whit- you know me too well!)  
- Starbucks VIA packs (will be fighting Logan for these) 
- M&M's (peanut and regular!) 
- My hipster-musically-inclined friend ERIN burned me 2 CD's full of her new Indie faves! I am loving Fitz & the Tantrums so far... but I have many more to learn! 
- Christmas tunes from my sister. Michael Buble... one of my favorite crooners!
- An amazing Worship Mix from Miss Katie Boo! Definitely don't have any Christian radio over in these parts! Thank you :) 
- An adorable banner that says "Home is where you are"- Will be putting this up right after the holidays! 
- A cute bracelet, TEXAS ornament (a must for our Frenchy tree!), and hilarious FINGERSTACHES! (Mere's gifts are always awesome! We will be whipping out these 'staches on NYE!) 

I am not sure where the M&M's, banner, & Starbucks came from (I couldn't figure those out...) So thank you to whoever thought of those! 

This package was the perfect pick-me-up after having a few homesick days lately.  I really do have such a thoughtful Mom & friends! Love all of you!



  1. SO glad you got the package!! M & Ms from Katie, too; banner, fingerstaches and Texas ornaments from Mere. Starbucks...let me think. Ali brought by goodies after I sent the package bc of Blake's surgery. Morgan is bringing some by for me to carry to you at Christmas as well. Thanks girls for helping my sweet daughter have a "few of her favorite things" while in France. XOXO, MOM

  2. I'm smiling for you! That is such a great surprise to receive! People magazines... US Weeklies... Starbucks... my heart would have been all a flutter! Enjoy your box o' America! :-)



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