Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2 Bits of Good News

1. Turns out the VISA shenanigans can and will be settled via MAIL. In some regards this is great news, in others its bittersweet since I would have loved an excuse to "have to" fly back to Texas :) The Prefecture (that we met with last week) was not able to pass my Visa and the local contact fell through... so we had to put all our eggs in the Houston basket and seeing how well last time went, we weren't very convinced how helpful they would be... BUT, we got the "new girl" and she was amazing and so helpful.  My paperwork should arrive in Houston today and I will officially have my long term stay Visa approved and back in the mail within the month. (happy dance!)

2. Just last week, we found out that TEXAS has been added to the approved "States" drivers license list in France.  What this means? I no longer have to take a written drivers test next year (which would be hard seeing as I am still far from fluent) NOR do I have to stick a big fat "A" on the back of my car for the next few years.  Its like the Scarlet Letter for foreign drivers over here.  So THIS was great news as well!

I don't have any pictures...So I will throw in a random print that I love to make this post prettier. 


  1. GREAT news! i can't believe they make americans have a scarlet letter!!

    And yeah, getting to trade the Texas license in is pretty freaking fantastic!

  3. Hi Abby, Sorry to post this as a comment, but I couldn't find a "contact you" link or button anywhere. I stumbled across a new blog today about an American living in central France and thought of you. I know finding an American in my town has helped me A LOT in adjusting to life in France. Hope you guys aren't too far apart from each other and if you ever meet up be sure and wear your TX gear (she's an Okie).

    And GREAT news about the license and visa!!

  4. Chickster! She is only 1 hour away!!! This is GREAT news!!! I haven't found anyone within a few hours of me so far.. thanks so much for sharing :) Will reach out to her immediately! Also... I will do a contact me page, thanks for the suggestion! My email is until then!

  5. hi! i just found your blog and it's so great! i love what you've done with your loft! so impressive. congrats on the visa issue being solved. keep me posted on the drivers license issue. i have a PA one and want to start the process of turning it in as well. let me know if you have any tips from your experience!

    1. Lady Lancelot! (not sure of your actual name... can't find that yet!) Looks like we moved to France the same month! August of last year... I cannot wait to read your blog and next time I am in Paris will you PLEASE tell me how to get to that amazing flea market? That sounds like my personal HEAVEN. Looking forward to following you!



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