Monday, January 30, 2012

Our Winter Wonderland

On Saturday, we woke up and it was chilly but sunny... We hopped in the car to head to Brive to go shopping for my Mom and Katy's birthday gifts... We had just made it about 15 minutes and snow started falling down in SHEETS... thick, HUGE snowflakes.  It was BEAUTIFUL and unlike anything I had ever seen.  We had to U-Turn and come back to the Colorado because the roads were in no condition for a shopping outing! Upon our return (just 1 hour later), the property looked like THIS. It is magical when it is white. 

This was taken from our front porch.  That is the entrance to The Colorado. 
If you look to the right from our balcony you see the "Big House" which has 6 rooms, a huge basement, and serves as our kitchen and dining hall. 
That is the 8 room building behind Logan.  We live up those stairs in our little loft. (That is the little balcony I took the first 2 pictures from.) 
Those 2 cabins belong to Bob & Sheri and Kristin & Nolan and their 4 kiddos.  They are to the left of the "Big House" on the opposite side of the property from us. 
These are the chalets (cabins) that families can rent out.  We have 4 of them and they are complete with a kitchen, bathroom, loft upstairs, and bedroom downstairs- My Mom & Chris stayed in one of these over Christmas. 
Past the chalets is the pond on the property. It was so peaceful and beautiful. I loved looking at the reflection of the trees in the water. 
The path walking back from the pond is lined with huge pine trees.  The closest thing I have to compare it to is the state of Colorado back in the states... so I guess our name is pretty appropriate :) 
We had a great weekend full of snow fights, hot tea, pajamas, and movies! How was your weekend?


  1. Wow! Incredible photos!! Wish I was there to make a snow angel with you. XOXO, Mom

  2. gorgeous! and i loved the tour. can't wait to take up some space in one of those chalets ;)

  3. It's snowed here for 24 hours! It was the first major snowfall of the year. We went sledding!



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