Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Logan's 28th Birthday in Paris

In the past, I have had GREAT experiences with finding restaurants in random cities using Trip Advisor.  However, when typing in PARIS, FRANCE there were over 7,000. Going through even the top 20 and all the reviews was completely mind numbing. I wanted to make sure that that place we ate had a pleasant ambiance and wonderful food.  I got to thinking of Jordan from Oh Happy Day and how she lives in Paris and went there on her honeymoon.  Sure enough, within a few minutes I found a "Guide to Paris" on her blog and we ate at the #1 recommended restaurant, Le Petit Prince.  It was located on a quiet, tiny road off a busy street and when we walked in and I was extremely pleased. The food was fantastic, the ambiance was warm and cozy, and we did not feel rushed through our meal at all.  In fact we were there for 5 hours laughing and having a great time.  I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Paris! 


Logan's birthday was ALSO made extra special because my Mom & Chris arrived that morning! We were so excited that they could be with us to kick off 2 weeks of non-stop celebrating. 

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  1. That restaurant looks wonderful! And five hours... I love long dinners like that. So happy you had a great time in Paris :-) xo



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