Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Resolutions: 2012

Here are my 2012 Resolutions: 

1. Make time to read.  First up: The Hunger Games

2. Join the Yoga class in Egletons. 

3. Read the Bible.  It is so easy to listen to podcasts or read books about spirituality and for some reason never get around to reading the actual Book. 

4. Learn to drive a stick shift car so I can gain a bit more independence. 

5. Make a French friend. I would love to have coffee dates where I can practice my French and help them practice their English. Fair trade right? 

6. Travel. Logan and I are a train ride away from some of the most fascinating countries in the world so we need to take advantage of that while we are here! 

7. Make another Art Journal. They really are therapeutic and FUN for me. 

8. Be able to hold a dinner conversation in all French. 

9.  Learn how to use Photoshop. I got Photoshop Elements for Christmas... Thanks Mom!

10. Grow in my cooking confidence so that I will be able to cook for Colorado clients, stress-free. 


My Mom & Chris left today after 2 wonderful and full weeks of French vacation. We rang in 2012 with them last night and had an absolute blast! It has been a very hard day knowing that once again, I don't have any family or friends over here with me.  It has left me feeling pretty lonesome. Luckily, I have a very sensitive and sweet husband who has been snuggled up beside me this afternoon and watching hours of The Mentalist. (He got Season 1 & 2 for Christmas!) 

Welcome 2012. I am ready to discover all it is that you have in store for us this year! 


  1. Best of luck with your resolutions! The Hunger Games series is sooooo good - all 3 of them are fantastic. I'm curious how the yoga class goes. I've got a place nearby, but have been lazy about getting the health cert they require.

  2. Hunger Games is on my list too (and I thought I was the only person who hasn't read it yet!)
    Best of luck with your resolutions :-)

  3. Thanks!!! Lets add a French girls blogger reunion to the list too!!! :)

  4. We had a blast!! Great resolutions...I will set mine this weekend.



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