Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Note to the Future Mrs. "Krax-bear-jay"

Most days I am in love with my life here in France. The experience, the places I get to see, the things I get to learn... but there are times when my heart sinks all the way to my toes because I want to tap my shiny red shoes together and be somewhere else. This weekend is one of those times.  It is the weekend of Erin Gracey's wedding.  And by the way Erin... Kraxberger in FRENCH is pronounced "Krax-bear-jay" which I think is just lovely. SJP would approve :) 

Erin and I met right before heading to Texas A&M for college.  After she pledged Tri Delt, she met and became besties with my high school BFFL Alexis.  By the end of college, we were hanging out every weekend and that did not stop once we both came back to Dallas to start work in the "real world."  We have taken fabulously planned trips, become pros at sneaking into VIP events to celeb stalk, attended numerous concerts, torn up the dance floor at many weddings, divulged juicy-I-cannot-tell-anyone-else-about-this secrets to each other, held each other up as the other has limped through heartache, AND watched each other fall in love with Mr. Right.  We have analyzed boys and text messages, made therapeutic playlists, or just provided a girls night out with special "slushies" to get our mind off of being a twenty-something.  As fate would have it, Erin's sister Erica is married to my NOW stepbrother Josh Yarger, so Erica and I are stepsisters which basically makes Erin and I sisters... at least we like to think so. :) 

Erin is one of the most beautiful individuals inside and out and she is LOYAL. She is there for her friends unconditionally, can hold the most treasured secrets, and provide the most jam packed fun weekend you have ever had! She is a great big mix of a fun, uber intelligent, fashionable, sports fanatic, music junkie meets interior designer...girl. I am lucky to call her a close friend. 

Erin- I am devastated that I am not able to be there this weekend for your BIG DAY, but know that I will be thinking of you all weekend long! Thank you for still including me and making me feel like a part of the celebration- I am honored. We have been through hell and back together AND turned out better on the other end-  So here's to us, to upgrades, and to happy endings! 
Congratulations to Matt & Erin Krax-ber-jay!!! Je'taime! :)


  1. omg, i'm dying. love love love and miss you sister!!

  2. Beautiful post Abby to your sweet "sis-in-law-sister." You will be missed by many. I promise to try and make you proud on the dance floor though. XO, Mom

  3. Oh sweetie, I feel for you! I truly do. I know that we want to stay positive all the time about our moves to France and experiencing the new culture and all it has to offer and BLAH BLAH BLAH... but all that new French stuff doesn't count for squat when we're missing our friends and huge monumental things in their lives!
    I think it calls for extra champagne :-)

  4. Erica- Don't feel left out... your last name is pronouced "Yar-Jay" !!! :)

    Mom- Cant wait to see pics of you on the dance floor!

    Sara- Champagne it is! Missing milestones is the worst.

  5. these pics were like a trip down memory lane! loved it!



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