Monday, January 16, 2012

Our NEW Business Venture

Beginning last week, The Colorado tried out a new business venture. Currently we are a Bed & Breakfast that offers full pension if requested (that means 3 meals per day).  We have now decided to expand our lunches to the outside public as a restaurant (accepting walk-ins) instead of just serving clients.  We are hopeful that this will bring in some extra business seeing as it is not a huge stretch from what we are currently doing. 
We decided to position ourselves as "Tex Mex" since there are no other restaurants in the area offering the menu items we have come up with: Chili, BBQ, Hamburgers, Enchiladas, and Fried Chicken. Starting out, we will just offer the Plat du Jour (Plate of the Day) and the customer can choose between 2 appetizers and 3 desserts. We feel like this may be a good approach until we know exactly how many people (on average) will be coming in each day.  

Another fun idea that my Marketing brain came up with was our very first customer (Ali was his name) was named SHERIFF of The Colorado.  This means that if he flashes his badge when he eats lunch here, he will have bottomless coffee on the house. Pretty cute huh? He was pretty excited!

Who would have thought I would go from 3 years ago not knowing how to cook a chicken being a chef at a Tex Mex restaurant in FRANCE. Life is pretty funny :) 


  1. Sweet! Wish I was there for lunch today...XO, Mom

  2. I think it is a grand idea, Abby. I'm with your mom, wish I were there today. (Gosh I miss you guys!!!) Aunt Charlotte

  3. I love it abs!!!! I have an awesome tortilla soup recipe for you if you want. =)

  4. You're a French chef! Check you out!!!

  5. Mere- I would love that! Do you mind emailing it to me?

    Sara- I am more like assistant chef at this point, but it counts for something right? :)

  6. Awesome idea Abby! The French in my parts LOVE TexMex. There's 2 different restaurants in my city, but I haven't stepped foot in either because I'm still smitten with a homemade tortilla and cheese enchilada recipe from homesicktexan.blogspot (a lot more work than I'm used to, but totally worth it). Best of luck with the new business venture.

  7. yum!!! I can already envision that booming!!! you have come such a long way :) feel better Logan! xo-Katy :)



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