Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DIY Valentines Day

I decorated our coffee table with the 2 gifts I made Logan this year, a picture of us, some pink and red heart confetti with wine corks, heart lanterns, and the beautiful flowers Logan gave me. 

He actually gave me a bouquet of gerber daisies AND another bouquet of tulips because I love tulips in the Spring. 
Both of my DIY projects were found on Pinterest.  This frame has the lyrics to our first dance at our wedding. ("Angel" by Jack Johnson)  I just printed it out, traced a tree shape with a pencil, then added the twine and 2 red hearts.  The j'adore came from a magazine... J'adore Dior anyone? :) 
When Logan saw this one he goes... "Oh, an AND." I think it took some explaining for him to realize it was supposed to be a romantic symbol.... You AND Me. Together. A couple. Our marriage.  Maybe it was a bit too abstract for him :) Unfortunately, the glass on this frame broke while I was putting the paper in... so now it just hangs out loosely in there.  

I also got to decorate the tables in our dining hall.  On a limited budget, we used doilies, fresh Spring flowers, and I made pink and red heart confetti.  We lined the tables with little tea lights in baby mason jars and Kristin printed out the Valentines Day menu. I think it turned out pretty cute! 
Will post about the Chinese fondue tomorrow :) It was... interesting...


  1. wow these are all so precious!! I love both of your projects Abby!! so inspiring! you could totally make and sell that tree pic. :) praying for a good day today girl! ;)

  2. I LOVE THEM BOTH!!!! I want to make an "and" for us too. Explanation please. You need to start a holiday celebration/card making/decorating class. XOXO! mom

  3. The tree came out AMAZING!! You rocked Valentines :)



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