Friday, February 24, 2012

5+ :)

My 5+ smiles today are all quotes that have inspired me lately and carried me through a difficult season.

1. Day by day.
Source: via Abby on Pinterest

2. Friendship.

3. Faith.

4. Healing through music.

5. Timing.

6. Hope. 

7. Pep Talk. 
Source: via Abby on Pinterest

8. Let go.

9. Prayer.

10 . I love every single thing about this quote. Growth.  
I hope that some of those spoke to you as well. It's always nice to have some encouragement. 

The weather in Egletons is BEAUTIFUL right now. We are in the upper 50's with SUNSHINE!!! Logan and I have been cooped up way too long, so we are hoping to go exploring and hiking this weekend to celebrate the beginning of Spring! It is crazy what weather can do to my mood! Hope you all have a great weekend. 


  1. LOVE that last quote. c'est très magnifique!
    hope you all get to enjoy some sunshine.

  2. I just found your blog, so i'm catching up... reading these quotes TODAY has been very powerful and restorative. Thank you for posting, and I look forward to the rest of your time in France! Too bad you're not in Dallas (or in College Station) -- you seem like a great person and friend!



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