Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Happy List

A list I complied randomly the other day of random things that make me happy.  

1. Mac & Cheese - the SPIRAL kind.
2. Snail mail.
3. The PERFECT tshirt- baggy but still fitted/ casual but can be dressed up.
4. A song that speaks to me & what I'm feeling at that moment. My life's soundtrack.
5. Writing. (either on my blog or in my personal journal) 
6. Sitting outside when the weather is beautiful.
7. Nicholas Sparks books.
8. Listening to my husband play Ray Lamontagne on the guitar.
9. Hugging my nieces and nephew when I am homesick.
10. Doing any sort of creating/ crafting...my Art Journal, making a card, a birthday banner, or simply decorating tables at The Colorado for special occasions.

I would love to hear YOUR "happy list." 

(3 of my 10 in this little photo. That was a HAPPY afternoon.)


  1. Love your happy list Abs - great idea! :) We all need to make one of those! PS I just read "The Best of Me"... SO GOOD!

  2. Mine is:
    1. Spending time with my girls, Logan, and Chris
    2. Eating lunch out
    3. Going out to a movie, complete with popcorn and a real coke
    4. Crafting
    5. A" just cleaned" house
    6. Chatting on the phone with friends
    7. Hugs from my students at school
    8. An afternoon nap
    9. Sitting outdoors at night, looking at the stars
    10. Rainstorms
    11. New set of markers or crayons
    12. Having a dance party with my daughters

  3. Snail mail and the perfect t-shirt would be on mine too... add a 1. having a lazy lunch outside on a warm sunny Saturday with friends and oodles of Rosé, 2. laughing with friends on skype (because no language barrier means they get me), 3. date night with my husband 4. throwing a dinner party that comes out perfectly 4. shopping in Aix 5. my dog, after his bath :)



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