Monday, February 27, 2012

Chinese Fondue

On Valentines Day, we ventured off to Tulle to try a hole-in-the-wall Chinese fondue restaurant called Quang Li.  We LOVE fondue and thought this would be something fun and different for us to try. 
The Chinese fondue came with a plate of thinly sliced (almost shaved) beef, calamari, a white fish of some kind (no clue), and shrimp... oh and 2 eggs? 
Instead of oil, we cooked our meet in a broth. The broth was really yummy - it had spices, cabbage, and tiny Chinese noodles. (It doesn't look very good and I'll be honest- I judged a book by its cover...but it actually ended up alright.)
The weird thing is you cooked your meat in the ladles.  One had holes so you could drain the broth and the other was used to scoop the broth into you soup bowl.  We never figured out if we were supposed to eat our cooked meat with the broth (like a stew) or separate...  Unlike the fondue we were used to, there were no sauces.  Just the broth and meat.  
Overall it was a good experience.  We were happy to get away for a few hours and spend time together.  I am not sure we will go back on a regular basis, but it was still fun although we both prefer our Simply Fondue/ Melting Pot ;) 

How was your weekend? We had a GREAT day on Saturday sight seeing. I will post pictures this week.  Thank God (literally) the weather has gotten better so we can get out and go do fun things or merely just sit outside.  It is crazy how much the weather has lifted my spirits.  


  1. So happy that the sun is shining your way. My first winter here was really difficult too, I felt so isolated and lonely all cooped up. But then spring and summer came and everything brightened up :)

  2. Awww thanks Sara- I am VERY happy that winter is behind us- 2 months of being cooped up made me crazy! Bring on the sunshine!



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