Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Italy: Our Plans

We narrowed down our Italy "bucket list" to 3 places: Rome, Siena, and Cinque Terra.
The run down of our week is as follows: 

  • April 6th - We arrive in Rome, hop in our rental car, dodge the Vatican/ Pope/ Easter weekend traffic and drive to Siena in Tuscany.  (We are staying in an amazing farm house where they make their own olive oil, jam, and wine!) 
  • April 7th - My birthday! We have scheduled a 5 hour wine tour through the Chianti region in Tuscany. So thrilled about this!
  • April 8th - Easter Sunday/ Exploring the town of Siena and driving around the countryside. My goal is to find a field FULL of sunflowers!
  • April 9th - We wake up and drive to Cinque Terra.  We are staying in the "sleepy town" of Corniglia due to it being the busiest weekend of the YEAR. Oops? Oh well, we don't mind crowds. 
  • April 10th - We will do the hike through the 5 towns and end on Monterrosso beach for some much needed relaxation and sun. 
  • April 11th - Wake up and drive back to Rome.  We are staying within walking distance to Saint Peters Basilica - can't wait! 
  • April 12th - We have tickets to the Vatican/ Sistine Chapel already so we can skip the lines (Thank you for the advice Kristin!) Then we will check out the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, & Spanish Steps. 
  • April 13th - We fly back to Bordeaux and drive back home. 

Seriously, thanks to everyone who emailed & commented on our Italy post.  We literally printed them all out and are taking them with us for reference. Shout out to Katy for the amazing Italy book she gave us - very thoughtful gift seester! It is pretty surreal to think we are going next week... I would have never imagined I would ring in my birthday by sipping wine in Tuscany. This may just be the best birthday yet! :) 

Below is our European mantra:


  1. SO exciting!! Can't wait to see photos. Hope this is your best birthday yet!!

  2. wonderful! i know you will have a great time. i love your mantra. and it is reversible: eat often, travel well.

  3. hands down. best. birthday. ever!!! 5 hour wine tour? farm house? country side driving? drooling. much deserved time of celebrating! and who better than to celebrate, but you!? so glad you guys are doing it up big while you are there. wise, indeed! maybe i'll cope with not being able to be there with you to celebrate you (and to be in italy) by visiting the amazing local vineyard of messina hof...mrrr.

  4. Eat well. Travel often. Love it!
    Your birthday is going to be amazing and one to remember! Happy early birthday wishes to you :)

  5. I love your mantra! My cousin and I are going to Cinque Terre on Sunday for four days. If we come across any gems, I'll let you know!! Either way your trip sounds fabulous!



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