Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Break: France

My mom (at the very last minute- we are talking one week before Spring Break) got a huge surprise waiting for her when she got home from an Engagement party on a random Saturday night... a plane ticket to FRANCE for Spring Break! We were so surprised and THRILLED to have her come over! She was here over Christmas, but now that the weather is bright blue skies and 68 degrees, it is a different experience here in the French countryside.  Windows open, lunches outside, and stargazing at night... It is wonderful to have her here!  We are pretty busy at The Colorado this week, so we have put her to work so far... we are hoping to go on a few sight seeing trips later this week and this weekend. Regardless, it is just fun having here here.  
Chris- THANK YOU for letting her come spend Spring Break with us :) 



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