Monday, March 19, 2012

A Triumph

Living in France has been an adjustment, but having American in-laws within an arms reach has really developed a crutch for me when it comes to my confidence in communicating in French.  Last Thursday, my Mom and I decided to drive to Brive (the biggest city in our department) to do some lunching and some shopping.  It was a day full of anxiety AND triumph.  From getting there by myself, to navigating the roundabouts, ordering and paying for lunch in French, and the biggest challenge- returning something without a receipt. It was a big accomplishment for me and the most independent I have felt since I have been in France. 
The trip made me realize I need to put myself out there and become more confident and independent in speaking French.  My mom was impressed with how well I did, but I am just used to having my built in translator (Logan) by my side at every outing.  My goal now is to challenge myself to not rely on my in-laws, but to go out on a limb (and yes, mess up a few times) and try things by myself.  "I think I can, I think I can...."


  1. That's awesome - well done Abs!!!

    PS - love your mom sporting the colored denim!


  2. i make mistakes in english. i am proud of you. keep putting yourself out there.

  3. I know you can!! So proud of you and how much you have learned. I had an absolute blast. Spending time with you. Miss you already. XOXO, Mom

  4. I'm proud of you- I would be the exact same! You look so cute! :)

  5. Proud of you, Abs! I can't even begin to imagine myself doing what you do everyday. I really love all of the pictures of you and your mama. So glad y'all got that sweet time together- I know it was good for your souls! xoxo

  6. I use my husband as a crutch too and I know that I shouldn't. You've inspired me Abby! I'm going to try and put myself out there more too. I'm feeling so very proud of you today because I Know that navigating those roundabouts and tackling things here on your own is not easy :)

  7. so so so so proud of you!!!! and honestly, not surprised! there is a little french girl living inside of you just waiting to make her debut in this world - way to let her out to play a little :)

    and are those french clothes you are wearing? or little beauties you brought from the states? i LOVE the pink and gray top. you look stunning. as always.



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