Friday, April 20, 2012

5 :)

1.  It is no secret that I love Adam Levine. He performed his new single "Payphone" on The Voice this week and I am hooked. Logan thinks I will get burnt out of the song because I listen to it so much! I cannot WAIT to hear the rest of the album... It is such a lyrically charged breakup song... Kelly Clarkson anthem-ish style! Love love love it!

2. THIS blog post spoke to me. I really do feel like Beauty Matters... and by that I mean surrounding yourself by beauty. I feel like I could be a spokeswoman for how this approach to life has literally changed me - gotten me out of pits by encouraging me to see beauty in everyday life again. 

3. This someecard made me chuckle. 
4. Coming home to birthday cards and presents was such a treat! I have the most thoughtful and wonderful friends- THANK YOU!!! You have no idea how much "snail mail" means to me now that we are so far away. A slice of home, I love it :) 
5. This amazing dresser is going to be my next DIY furniture project.  Now to find the dresser...  (thanks Pinterest!) 

Thanks for the great feedback on our trip to Italy! I am saving the BEST for LAST... Rome! I am almost finished with our trip video... I had to narrow it down from 48 minutes of footage to under 15 minutes... for everyone's sake! :) 

I hope you all have a GREAT weekend! We have a lunch for 30 Rugby players tomorrow and then our amazingly awesome pastor Lorenzo (from our wedding) and his family are coming in for 1 week of vacation. There is NEVER a dull moment with that family around- I love them so much!


  1. Love the post! Love the new background! MIss you! XOXO, MOM

  2. What rugby team?? That in itself needs to be a blog post because heaven knows, those boys eat A LOT!
    So happy for you that your friends at home make sure that you get little bits of Texas for your birthday, it's really important :)

  3. They were from the Bordeaux area! And ACTUALLY they didn't want to over-eat and be too full before their big championship game so we cooked WAY TOO MUCH! At least we got the leftovers, right?

  4. I just came back from Italy. What a interesting place for visiting! it is one of my very favorites, I glad you all had such a great time! I would love to go there again and again.
    road trip italy



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