Monday, April 23, 2012

Italy: Our Roman Holiday Pt. 1

In a debate of Rome vs. Paris... I would lean toward Paris since I am partial to the Frenchman, but my goodness I was totally smitten with Rome. You can't beat a big city where you can stumble upon amazing outdoor markets, discover a new Piazza lined with fun restaurants and Bernini fountains around the corner, with a piece of ancient history next door. It is the most pleasant mix of old & new I have ever experienced! 

We checked into our B&B Serafino and were smitten. The molding throughout the entire place was a Tiffany blue and each room had a chandelier. We also finally had WIFI! 
Outside of our window, we could see the top of the Vatican Dome.  After we unpacked, we decided to head on over and check it out. We walked around St. Peter's Square and explored the local market. 

What to do next? Well, we used our trusty Rick Steves Book (thanks Blake and Ali) to take his mile long "Night Walk Across Rome."  It started off at Campo de' Fiori, a square lined with happening bars and restaurants and tons of fresh flowers! We had apertivo and dinner here. Apertivo is BETTER than Happy Hour! You buy your drink(s) and they provide the appetizers- everything from pizzas and pastas, to bruschettas and shiskebabs! In reality, you could make it your dinner.  
The next stop was Piazza Navona which was one of the many squares with impressive Bernini fountains, restaurants, and local aristans selling their work.  I bought 2 amazing paintings in this square our second night in Rome.  
We rounded the corner and BOOM, The Pantheon.  I was so impressed by the SIZE of this structure. 
That little person... is Logan. That is one LARGE door! 
Then off the beaten path we had the most scrumptious gelato at Rome's most sought after gelateria, Giolitti's. 
The Trevi Fountain is something I have wanted to see ever since I saw the "Lizzie McGuire Movie" - Did I just admit that? Yes, yes I did... It was SO impressive and full of pickpockets...but after learning our lesson in Montmartre, we were more than fully prepared! Do NOT let a man with a "fancy" camera offer to take your picture.  Find someone who is actually a tourist :) 
About the toss my coins (to ensure my return trip to Rome) into the fountain.  Fun fact: ALL of Rome's fountains are powered by natural aqueducts. Pretty impressive, right? 
Logan's turn. 
The tour ended at the Spanish Steps.  It was 360 degrees of high-end shopping and was the area that reminded me the most of Paris. 
We had such a great night. It was perfect, really.  When we visit cities like Paris, Bordeaux, and Rome... I am reminded that you can take the girl out of Dallas, but you can't take the Dallas out of the girl...I am a tried and true CITY GIRL at heart! I absolutely loved every moment of this evening. I love you Rome! 

Will post our whirlwind itinerary to "See Rome in a DAY" tomorrow! 


  1. Oh, I loved this post!! You certainly have a handsome husband, Mrs. Misegades! Love the Tiffany blue moulding...didn't get to see the fountain when I was there years ago...the water is so clear! Looks like the gelato was delicious! Love that you got to visit (and shop!) in another large European city, you city girl, you! Most of all, I loved seeing your smile and knowing the two of you had a fabulous time for your 28th birthday celebration. The adventures continue...Wow!

  2. This is such a wonderful happy post, it's like all the fun you had is just oozing from it!
    So happy for you :)
    I love love love Rome, and I'm dying to get back again and bring my husband since he has never been... so many places to go!

  3. Thank you for great plan! I got a lot of advice from friends who had been before and basically took bits and pieces of their trips to piece together our itinerary :)
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