Saturday, July 7, 2012

The 4th in France

The 4th of July is not celebrated in France for obvious reasons... HOWEVER since we are an American-run establishment, we decided to cook out for the clients and serve an American-style buffet dinner.  The Frenchies loved it - we replaced hot dogs and burgers with duck and pork chops to be a bit more "culturally" acceptable and paired it with potato salad, cole slaw, and finished the evening off with ice cream sundaes.  Although there were not fireworks, it still felt like the 4th in its own unique way.  Hope everyone had a great one!
We all wore our Red, White, & Blue and the boys charcoaled their faces like wanna-be football players haha! 
Isn't Caleb's shirt the BEST? I loved it!

BONNE WEEKEND everyone! 

1 comment:

  1. I actually forget about the 4th until the morning of, and then of course did absolutely nothing to celebrate. I'm a bad expat.
    But, I did watch a fireworks display on YouTube while I layed on my back and held the laptop over my face.



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