Saturday, July 21, 2012

Baby Frenchy's 12 Week Appointment

Little thumb sucker already! 

Our 12 week appointment could NOT have been better.  For starters, my sister KATY was in town and was allowed to sit in on the sonogram with us.  Baby Frenchy was actually sleeping on its tummy when we first pulled up the sonogram and my doctor had to somewhat violently push my tummy in certain places to turn the baby onto its back.  It was weird watching the baby float around, perfectly protected, but so affected by the prodding of the doctor.  He was able to measure the baby and we are still on track for a January 28th due date.

He took neck measurements to check for early signs of Downs syndrome and the neck measurement came in very thin which is a GOOD SIGN that our baby is perfectly healthy.  Praise God! We got to hear the little one's heartbeat and witness BF sucking its THUMB!!! Has that already happened? This little one is only the size of a peach and sucks its thumb! The doctor pointed out the heart, pelvis, stomach, umbilical cord, brain, bladder, forming teeth, hands, and feet.  I was all puffed up like a proud Mama bear :)

Then the CUTEST thing happened... BF had the HICCUPS!!! Its the most amazing thing I have ever seen and the little wiggle worm bounced all over the place.  Was it something I ate? haha :)

ALSO... This is going to leave you hanging, but our doctor had Aunt Katy step out into the hallway and he told us his 95% sure prediction of Baby Frenchy's GENDER!!! At only 12 weeks he was able to look at certain indicators that have him convinced (Granted, sexual organs are forming, but not visible until usually 15 weeks)... Will be sharing THAT news in a few weeks!

What is your guess? Baby Frenchy PINK or BLUE???


  1. i think pink. either way; it will be a great athlete, as you both are. plus, she is going to have great parents to love and teach her. how exciting!

  2. Originally I thought blue, but I'm going with pink now. I can't wait for the gender announcement so I can start planning gender specific ways to spoil Baby Frenchy!! XO, Mom

  3. I'm going with team BLUE on this one! CAN. NOT. WAIT. for the announcement!!!!!!! Feel free to email me early. :) xoxo

  4. I'm loving the updates so much already! I can't wait to follow your pregnancy with you! Sir L and I are very close to hoping to start a family soon so reading all of your experiences will be very helpful! xx

  5. You are so glowing. I just love how happy you look and sound. I love reading about exciting pregnancies (we all know it's not all rainbow and unicorns but it's so nice when the focus is on the exciting stuff).

    I am voting team blue just because I am a boy mom myself :)

  6. LOVE IT!!!! Tears to my eyes again!!! God is great and you are going to be AMAZING parents!! Continuing to pray for yall!!

    My guess is BOY!!! Love you!~Debbie



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