Thursday, July 19, 2012

How we told my FAMILY

After a day FULL of travel and no sleep, I finally walked off the airplane to a "Welcome Home" BANNER and American flags, tears, and hugs from my Mom, Chris, Katy, Dad, and Kelley.  (People actually asked them if I had served in the military because of the big celebration and American flag scene, ha!)  As we all patiently waited for my luggage I kept up the small talk and we decided to go to Cheddars for dinner for my beloved chicken caesar pasta salad :)

When we got there I brought in 3 goodie bags that I had pre-packed in my carry on and told them I had brought them each a little treat from France. I also said they are all the same thing, so you have to open them at the same time.

The grandparents received a framed picture of the "Baby Frenchy Coming 2013" picture, plus a pair of baby shoes, copies of the pictures from our "day we found out" photo shoot, and our very first 8 week sonogram picture.  Aunt Katy got the same pictures but instead of baby shoes, she got a Sophie the giraffe with a little neck tie saying To: Aunt Katy Love: Baby Frenchy. 
As the gifts were opened, I heard a LOUD SQUEAL from my Mom.  I watched my Dad as he fished out the envelope of pictures first... addressed to "Pappa and Mimi" and he shook his head because in that moment he knew exactly what happening. We made QUITE the scene with lots of squealing, hugs, and tears. 

It was so much fun and good news squeezed into 1 night that I was literally up for 26 straight hours based purely off of adrenaline.  My family did NOT see it coming because I hadn't skipped a beat when denying it over the phone.  My Dad said it was not even on his RADAR during my trip home.  It was truly a night I will forever cherish and NEVER forget! Everyone was really happy that I waited to tell them all in person.  
PS Please excuse the iPhone pictures... I didn't want to bring in Baby Canon for fear it would be terribly obvious that something was about to happen considering we were just supposed to have a late, jet-lagged dinner. The iPhone was a handy substitute.  


  1. It was one of the most exciting and happiest days of my life! XO, Mom

  2. aaahhhh, this one had me in tears. can't express how thrilled i am for you, sweet friend. :)

  3. happy happy happy post! loved reading!

  4. This is just so beautiful. What a great way to tell the family. It's a good thing that you didn't spill the beans over the phone or anything, this made for a much better delivery.



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