Wednesday, August 22, 2012


If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you already knew Little Miss Frenchy's name because I referenced it in this post after my grandfather died.  To catch you up, the final conversation I had with my G-daddy before he passed away in 2009 was concerning Logan and I moving to France and naming our first baby girl after my Nannie, Estelle Marie Harrell.  We would call her "Stella" for short.  My heart was SO full when we found out we were having a girl because I was finally able to fulfill that promise.  I like to think G-daddy mentioned the legacy to my Nannie the very next night when he entered the Pearly Gates.  
Nannie was part of the fondest childhood memories I have... she cultivated a love for MAKING things from an early age- sewing, painting, and anything DIY.  She also taught me how to fish, water ski, play dominoes, and drive WAY before I was 16 ha! I can also blame her for my shopping habit ;)  I still get tickled every time I walk into "Targets" (which is what she called it) and walk by the popcorn.  It was a ritual of ours every time we went shopping there.  I can think of no better person for our little one to be named after... I hope our little Stella embodies everything that Nannie was to me: adventurous, loving, completely selfless, loved to laugh, spontaneous, humble, hard working, generous, and a devoted wife and follower of Christ. 



  1. You're not alone. I loved my granny too. We all have those great stories (like Targets) of the ones we loved and lost.

    What a nice way to carry on her memory.

  2. My eyes are brimming with happy tears, my heart is bursting with joy! How very proud G-daddy is at Heaven that the love of his life will be honored by your naming your first-born after his sweetheart. I know Nannie is smiling shyly, humbled by the act of love you have shown. She was a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and woman of God. What a namesake for our sweet Stella! XOXO, Mom

  3. What a beautiful name! so very happy for you & how wonderful how you've chosent to honor your nannie. your blog is a blessnig to me :)

  4. What a beautiful post, Abs. So special thinking that my kids are making some of their favorite memories in those "everyday" moments we have with them!! Very encouraging, thanks friend. Oh, and of course- I LOVE her name. :)



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