Friday, August 24, 2012

5 :)

1. My date to Le Opera, my 7 year old niece Kailyn.  This year it was "Hanzel and Gretel" - we had so much fun! 
 On the drive home there were even fireworks! If only I could have taken credit for them haha- she still thought it was pretty cool! 
2.  My MIL gave me some antique silverware that was her Mother-in-laws, passed down to her, and now to me! It is gorgeous and even has a little "M" engraved on the stem of each piece of silverware.  
Look what a little polish can do! :) Thanks to my Frenchman for taking the toothbrush and getting after it! 
3. This past week I got to catch up with 2 of my "Dream Team girls" (AKA College besties) Amanda and Bromli.  It was SO refreshing and wonderful to catch up on life and reminisce about how we went from Texas A&M, to living and working in Dallas, all of us getting engaged and married, and now BABIES on the brain! Where does the time go? This was taken only 6 short years ago... SO much has changed! 

My "Dream Team" from Left to Right: Bromli, Me, Amanda, Annie, Allison, and Katie
4. 18 weeks and going strong! 
18 weeksB

5.  And LAST but NOT LEAST... I am going to be in DALLAS this time, NEXT WEEK!!! I am having 2 baby showers thrown by my sisters and friends! Logan gets to join me this time and is foaming at the mouth just thinking of Taco Bell haha :) We cant wait to celebrate Little Miss Stella with our family and friends before her debut this winter! 

PS If you are thinking this is the earliest baby shower to ever exist, you are right.  My doctor did not want any international travel so he told me the earlier, the better.  So 20 weeks it is! At least I'm still in the cute 2nd trimester bump stage I suppose? 

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