Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm BACK: An Update

After 4 straight weeks of visitors, we are finally back! Physically exhausted but hearts overflowing and full.  It was such a sweet time with friends and family and to be honest, I think we both needed a "fix" from our life back in the states- it was just what the doctor ordered and we got to go sightseeing all over France :) 

I would also like to mention I think my legs are going on strike due to all of the walking.  I am not sure I can handle another set of stairs for awhile... haha :) BUT it was good for me and Little Miss Frenchy! She did very well - we had a few backaches and mild cramps but the naseau and fatigue have faded substantially and that food aversion stuff??? Yeah... the appetite is back in FULL FORCE! We ate everything from escargot to as many Nutella crepes as we could lay our hands on! :) 
And let me just say she has GROWN!!!! I found my flowy cotton skirts and tops fitting tighter and tighter over the past week.  Here is proof. Various 15 week bump pics!
I am looking forward to the next month of getting back into our routine and slower pace of life... not to mention having Logan all to myself again! We have a LOT to start talking about and planning.  For STARTERS we are MOVING.... not cities or even real estate, but HOMES.  Since we have clients stay below our loft, we weren't quite sure a crying baby all night would be ideal for customer service ratings ;) Therefore, we are moving into Kristin and Nolan's log cabin!!! HOW FUN IS THAT!?!??! I can't wait to start planning out the nursery and "nesting." We will have 3 bedrooms, a huge kitchen, living room, "craft area," and 2 bathrooms.  It is going to be SO fun! 

I also wanted to take time to say THANK YOU for all the positive feedback on our BABY GIRL REVEAL VIDEO!!! The stats say that over 650 people have viewed it?!?!?! WHAT?!??! That is insane to me... I am so flattered and so tickled that everyone loved it so much :) Our dream would have been to have a cute gender reveal party, but since that was not in the cards we thought we would come up with something innovative and creative to make up for it.  We couldn't be more thrilled.  For the record: Logan and I BOTH thought it was a BOY from the get go based off of "gut" feelings at our first sonogram ... So we were 100% SHOCKED when we found out GIRL!  I was over the moon and Logan immediately started talking about locking her up until she was 23 :) Most of our family and friends (with the exception of a few) ALSO thought BOY! We DO have her name picked out so that was easy. We weren't sold on a boy name yet, but I've had my girl name picked out since 2008 so I will share it with you all soon! 

P.S.  Little Miss Frenchy's VERY FIRST baby outfit from Mommy... straight from the Champs Elysses - our little snuggle bear :)  Its SO soft and warm...wish they had it in my size! 


  1. She has grown and is so cute! Love that baby bump!

  2. if you pay for my ticket, i will come help you move!

  3. You are glowing. Baby girl Frenchy is one lucky lady. I am loving the bump pics and how happy you look on all the pics.

  4. I am so happy you're going to be moving into that cute little cabin! I bet you are super excited to get in there and start nesting.
    Can't wait to hear what Miss Frenchy is going to be named! :)



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