Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Katy's Trip to France: The Highlights

As you can probably imagine, Katy and I (both being the picture takers that we are) racked up QUITE a few photographs in the month of July.  I thought I would stick to the HIGHLIGHTS of her trip over to France.  We had SO much fun and got to DO/SEE so much! (She even squeezed in a solo side trip to San Sebastian, Spain while channeling her inner Eat, Pray, Love ha!) 

Reunited with her favorite BIL after 1 year... it had been too long! 

Katy's room for the month at The Colorado. 

My 12 week sonogram... where we found out the GENDER...but kept it a secret from her for a few more weeks.

Day trip to Gimel de la Cascades
In Gimel, getting dared to try and fit in the medieval oven. Katy doesn't back down from dares :) 

Marche de Pays in Sarran - live music and local cuisine. 

Bastille Day in PARIS - visiting the Lourve
Sacre Coeur
The Eiffel Tower all lit up after the firework show
Beynac Castle

Shopping/ eating in Sarlat 

The Tour de France in Brive
The lady behind the lens for our gender reveal video! :)
After Katy got back from Spain, she bought Baby Frenchy her very FIRST outfit! Its adorable and has little whales all over it :) 
Dining out at our favorite restaurant Al Mondo. 
A Day at our beach/ lake outside Tulle. 
Musiques Actuelles (our area's tiny version of ACL) - the concert is held by a castle :) 
Our favorite band, Assaf Avidan- an Israelis Adam Levine...AND he stayed at our place. I was starstruck. 

These are just the highlights.... We adventured, laughed, worked, napped, ate lingering meals outside, and introduced Katy to our everyday life in France.  It is so neat for us when our world back home collides with this new life over here in France... it makes it seem more intimate and real once our family and friends go back home and can "place us" in our surroundings when we tell stories or talk over the phone. 

Katy and I will always look back fondly at "that summer in France..." Memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.  Katy- thanks for coming to spend your summer with us! We had a blast and miss you already! 

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