Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Birthing Class Update

Long story short, our first birthing class attempt was an epic fail.  First of all, we were told the wrong time by the secretary so when we showed up we had missed the entire class.  (Pictured above with a very fake smile.) Secondly, I was going to have to miss this Friday's class ... So we were already 0 for 2 (Out of 6 total classes)... First baby... in FRANCE.  This made Logan and I feel really stressed and uncomfortable. 

And with curveballs, come "Plan B." 

We decided to go another route and take classes from what they call a "liberal" midwife.  Basically this means we meet with a freelance midwife in her spare time to go over the same material they cover at the hospital birthing classes. Two of our teachers actually work at the hospital, so it will be nice to get to know them.  Also, the classes are smaller (no more than 3 Moms per class) so this will be a more intimate and comfortable setting for Logan to translate and me to ask questions without being embarrassed.  

Our very first class is tomorrow.  They aren't in any order, they just run year around with dates and times that fit the midwives' schedules.  Example: Tomorrow's material covers "Coming Home" which isn't exactly where you would think we would START, but they told us all of the information is useful and it doesn't matter when you jump in as long as you come to all 7 sessions.  They highly suggested I start tomorrow so that I can be finished before the holidays, since the baby could really come at any time come mid-December! (We are praying she cooks until January though!) 

So wish us luck! We are excited... I honestly can remember thinking these birthing classes were so far away and yet, here we are :) I am hoping "Plan B" will end up being a better fit for us and a positive experience. 

And the baby adventure continues... 


  1. Life is so fun with all of it's curveballs! :)

    Okay, so can you answer a few things for me:
    1. I am shocked by the lack of English speaking people in France. What is that about? That's rough that you have to rely on Logan to translate! What would people do that are only an English speaking couple?!

    I guess I didn't have as much to ask as I thought I did! :)

    1. I am LUCKY I at least have a FRENCH HUSBAND :) I think the problem is that we live in the countryside of Central France. (It is not touristy AT ALL) I don't think English would be so rare if we were to be in a bigger city like Bordeaux or Paris.

  2. I think Plan B sounds much nicer and maybe one of those other moms will turn out to be your new best friend. We made lifelong friends at the classes we did for our eldest which were held in the teacher's home in London. And maybe bringing home baby is the best place to start. That's the bit you'll have to do on your own anyway ;) Enjoy them - this is the exciting part!

  3. "When one door closes..." as they say! I think your new door sounds much better. I wouldn't stress too much anyway. I imagine our grandmothers and great grandmothers got by without birthing classes and here we all are, safe and sound.



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