Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mere came to visit!

My lifelong friend Mere came to visit me this past weekend! We have been friends since KINDERGARTEN!!!! We did Indian Princess with our Dads, cheered together in Junior High and High School and even went to Texas A&M together :) Mere actually knew Logan before I did in college!
NOTE: When I saw this picture I was even taken aback.... HOLY 3rd Trimester BELLY!!! WOW! 
We had such a great time... we picked them up in Limoges on Friday at the train station and took them out to our FAVORITE dinner spot Jardin de Ventadour where our family friends run the place.  We were not offered menus, the chef just cooked for us... an 8 COURSE MEAL!!!! It was honestly one of the best I have had and a real treat for Logan and I since we do not go out to eat very often.  We all left exhausted and stuffed!
Saturday I sadly had a mandatory Civil Service Duty class that lasted from 9am - 4pm to help me get my permanent residence card (terrible timing, right?). Logan took the group to Beynac and Sarlat - our favorite Medieval Castle and town. They had a BLAST! 

Saturday night we had a very FRENCH dinner experience called Raclette. If you like meat, potatoes, and LOTS OF CHEESE this is a dream meal! Everyone loved it and we ended the night with the amazing TEXAS A&M vs. ALABAMA GAME!!!! And if you don't know our Aggies, we are new to the SEC and beat the #1 Team in the NCAA on Saturday.  I cried... call it hormones or school spirit... probably a mixture of both :) SO very proud to call myself an Aggie, GIG 'EM! 

 Sunday morning Mere and I watched highlights and read commentaries about our beloved Aggies and had girl time before the guys woke up.  Then we headed to the train station to drop them off  :( The trip was short but SO good for me! It was nice to have one last slice of home before Stella arrives!
Thank you MERE for coming to visit me in our little magical slice of France.  You have no idea how much it meant to me :)


  1. Isn't the Limoges train station amazing? You've taken a much better picture of it than I ever could though, my attempts last summer were simply appalling.

  2. So happy Meredith could come stay in your new digs!! And yes, your 3rd trimester belly looks precious!!!



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