Friday, November 16, 2012

5 :)

1.  Charles Hatch Bowen arrived early at 34 weeks!!! Mom and baby are doing GREAT  :) So happy for Allison and Blake and can't wait to meet him in April! This Christmas baby's early arrival means that ummmmmm.... Stella and Baby Cunningham are UP NEXT! 
2. This picture of my little Lola Kate Houston just puts a HUGE grin on my face.  I miss her so much and I love that she's already being brainwashed to become a Chi Omega :) 
3. As you have probably noticed from my pictures, I am currently LIVING in leggings.  Although I would not look like this, I love the mixing of plaid and pattern.  And can I mention that an H&M just opened in BRIVE... 45 minutes away vs. the 90 minutes away that it currently is in Limoges! GOOD news for ME, BAD news for Logan :) 
 4. This made me smile.  I think Stella is going to be Daddy's girl for sure and my Frenchman sure sets the bar high - good look fellas!
5. We are in the 30's people... This is a picture of me at 30 weeks. SUNDAY starts Week 31! It is crazy to think that in the next 10 weeks we will finally be holding this little girl who is wriggling around and taking up SO MUCH space inside of me :) We are getting SO excited! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I will be in class ALL DAY (again) tomorrow BUT its the last required Civic Service Duty Day- yippee! Then we work a dinner Saturday night and a luncheon on Sunday... so not really a relaxing weekend, but its good to have business right now since December and January are typically pretty slow.  

NEXT WEEK we will basically be living in Tulle- my 7 month appointment, 7 month SONOGRAM, and 2 birthing classes! Bring. It. On. :) Can't wait!!! 


  1. H&M in Brive!!!! This is the best news!

    Also, you're looking SO great. Can't believe it's already 30+ weeks!

  2. Omg lola got her own number!! Love! :)

    And I agree with Gans--hot momma!

  3. I basically live in leggings now and I'm not even pregnant! They're just too darn comfy.
    P.S. I was shopping in H&M on Friday! Only 55 minutes away (I timed it)



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