Friday, December 14, 2012

5 :)

Source: via Abby on Pinterest

I'll be honest... this has been a tough week which is why this 5 :) exercise on Friday's is actually really good for me.  It helps me stop focusing on the negative and focus on the happier things going on in life. 

1.   Tomorrow is Caleb's birthday and we are having a 3 course fondue dinner! I haven't had fondue since last year with my Mom and Chris in Paris, so I am looking forward to the cheese, meat, and especially the CHOCOLATE course :) 

2. With the exception of a few meals here and there, The Colorado is basically on Christmas Break starting today :) This is perfect timing considering everyday tasks are becoming increasingly more difficult and the tiniest things wear me out! Bring on the holidays! 

3.  This week we had our final birthing class and got a tour of the maternity floor.  I found it so helpful and surreal to see the actual rooms where our lives will change forever.  I can now visually wrap my brain around it and that brought a lot of comfort to me. I am still battling fear, but my amazing SIL Erin shared some of her Hypnobabies CDs with me so I am going to see if those do the trick! Have any of you Moms out there used these? Were they effective for you during labor? 

4. My little girl is doing a headstand on my bladder....BUT this is GREAT NEWS!!! It means she is no longer in breech position- this doesn't get us out of the "C-Section" zone completely because things can always happen on delivery day, but we will not have a scheduled C-Section at 39 weeks which was going to be the plan if she had not turned by our 8 month appointment next week.  So big sigh of relief and an answer to prayer! 

5. This weekend we are headed to our second Christmas Market (Marche de Noel) for some additional Christmas shopping.  These are so much fun because they are held in all the little villages around here and are full of handmade/ home grown items- very authentic and very French :) You can buy anything from local honey and wine to hand knitted baby clothes and Christmas decor.  I love buying my family gifts from these markets because they are truly one-of-a-kind and it helps support local businesses. Plus the crepes and vin chaud (hot wine) are reason enough to have an enjoyable time regardless of purchasing anything :) 
A gift for Stella at last weekend's market... I mean who can resist a French hand-knitted alligator with a floral headband? Not this Momma :) 

Happy Weekend everyone!!! My Frenchman celebrates his 29th birthday next week so I am trying to come up with something creative to do that won't require much effort on my part... ha! Let me know if you have any ideas :) 


  1. Three course fondue dinner?? Now that does sounds scrumptious!
    And who could possibly resist an alligator in a headband?

  2. I miss your 5 Smiles! Bring em back girl! That may help with blogging more regularly since I know you've been posting about that lately! <3



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