Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 New Year's Resolutions


Here are 13 goals for 2013. 

1. Learn how to be a good Mommy and breastfeed for as long as I can in Stella's first year.  (I have heard this takes a lot of work and commitment so it is a huge goal of mine this year!) 

2. Visit a country outside of France.  (Spain, England, Germany, Greece.... maybe all 4? A girl can dream...) 

3. Be better at sending cards and packages.  (Even though it is SO dang expensive to ship things from here!) 

4. Put together a business plan for our family "dream project." - Will post more about this in the future...

5. Once I am cleared to do so, get into great if not BETTER pre-baby shape! I really miss shopping and wearing cute clothes.  Currently I am sporting lots of Logan's sweatpants and undershirts. 

6. Continue to eat at home more and go out to eat less. And along with that, continue to explore new recipes and dishes. I made huge strides in 2012 and hope to make even more this year. 

7. I want to have an Etsy shop... not sure what I want to sell yet, but a HUGE goal of mine is to run a successful shop online that can be run from anywhere in the world.

8. Move back to the United States most likely sometime this FALL. Not sure where... that will depend on the job situation, but the goal is to be stateside. 

9.  In regards to #8, save as much money as we can for the moving expenses, cars, rent on a new place. 

10. Be more consistent in reading my Bible. 

11. Pass my A2 French Exam (in June) so that I can get my permanent resident card for France. 

12. Become a master at driving a standard car without being anxious or nervous every time I get behind the wheel. 

13. Keep up with Stella's baby book/ scrapbook charting my pregnancy and her first year. I know if I don't keep up it may never get done :) 

What are your goals for 2013? 


  1. Sorry, can't get past #8. Fall? What? No.. Don't go! ack!

  2. My New Year's resolution: meeting up for dinner before #8 happens :)

    1. YES YES! We need another blogger reunion before the big departure :)

  3. Love the resolutions...especially #8!! 13 for 2013~aren't you clever?
    XOXO, Mom



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