Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy Due Date Month!!!

Well my family and close friends are well aware of the slight roller coaster Logan and I have been on the past few weeks so I thought I would give the rest of you an update.


When we went in for our 8 month sonogram, we were told that Little Miss Frenchy had turned breech (again) which is apparently quite rare.  Usually once they are head down at 8 months, they are there to stay...but our girl likes to flip.  SO, that very same day we had to schedule a C-Section for next Wednesday, January 9th.  We were so upset because it was so unexpected, 3 weeks earlier than we were prepared for, but most of all Logan wouldn't get to be a part of the process AT ALL.  In France, the Dad is not allowed in the surgical procedure OR the recovery room for the 2 hours following the C-Section.  This is drastically different from the US and we were both really upset to hear the news, especially with my already present anxiety over the language barrier.  We knew all along that God had known from the beginning how this little one would come into the world and when so we just took a few weeks to process the information and accept it.  We were told it would be too painful and risky for the doctor to try to manually turn her, so he recommended acupuncture.  We had 2 sessions in December and went back yesterday for our final session and sonogram.  

Logan and I walked in pretty sure that our girl had not budged.  She sure moves a lot, but take it from me... it's getting crowded in there and I can feel her movements getting stronger (and more painful) rather than cushioned in that big waterbed of hers.  We had a sonogram before the final acupuncture session and our midwife told us SHE TURNED!!!! We were in shock... we had already packed the bags, my Mom was about to pull the trigger on changing her flight, and the house was set and ready to go for next week... So the C-Section was promptly cancelled and we were sent home! 

This was the first of probably MANY ways that little Stella is going to keep us on our toes!  We were SO SO SO excited for this answer to prayer.  Whether it was the acupuncture, the daily exercises, wives' tales, or our mobile little flipper, we know that God had His hand over the situation the entire time.  And again we were reminded that we are not in control. Why do we always doubt His goodness? Why is not always easy to TRUST Him? You would think I would have a handle on this by now, but I can always use a reminder so this was a good kick in the pants. 

Where are we now? Well, the doctors tell us she is going to be a BIG baby and I believe it... I mean have you seen the belly shots here lately? I am incredibly uncomfortable and the pregnancy "waddle" has officially started. I can feel my body physically changing and making adjustments to get ready for the big day- lots of pressure in my hips and lower back and her HEAD bearing down hard in my pelvis.... almost like she is looking for an escape route! I have started calling this Mission: Evacuate Stella :) I have also been having lots of contractions (some painful, some just the standard Braxton Hicks) but they haven't been regular enough to be alarming.

We have our end of term appointment next week on January 8th and then we wait for our independent little one to make up her mind when she would like to join the outside world.  Mama would prefer SOONER than LATER but we will see.  Her FRENCH due date is January 28th (41 weeks) and her US due date is January 21st (40 weeks).  So we will see! Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.  We can't wait to introduce the world to our little miracle baby! 




  1. I can't wait either! What a miracle! So thankful for God's continued watch over little Stella. XOXO, Mom

  2. Hang in there! It will be so special once she arrives - children are such joy!! Love reading your blog and your steps toward her arrival!

  3. I'm so happy to hear that Stella has turned around the right way because when I first read the 9th - and today being the 7th - I was like WHAT?!
    Hang in there, I'm sure you're a very cute waddler :)



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