Monday, February 25, 2013


It is finally time for me to let you all know... 

Our plan was to move this November and due to certain circumstances, our move has been pushed up 7 months to APRIL.

We are a big mix of emotions: excited, scared, stressed, sad, disappointed, overwhelmed, and hopeful all at the same time.

Leaving France is going to be bittersweet.  This is Logan's home and has become my home. We started our little family here and it feels like just yesterday that I put the finishing touches on Stella's precious nursery. 
Because France is such a HUGE part of Logan's life and our family, we are going to make it a goal to come back and visit every other year.  We really want the French culture to be engrained in our children.  We want them to be familiar with the country, the cultures, the people, and the language.  Logan will continue to speak only French with Stella after we move back and we have invested in a lot of French children's books to read to her as well.

Please send your thoughts and prayers our way as we make this transition... Moving back is a leap of faith. We are basically hitting the "reset" button and starting from scratch moving back...WITH a baby! No cars, no place to live, Logan doesn't have a job lined up, and I am starting 2 new side businesses that will hopefully allow me to work from home.  I can't wait to share both of those with you all in the coming weeks.

Although this is bittersweet for us, I am so glad to be closer to my family and all of my best friends. I am happy the language barrier will not be an issue, that I can go get a pedicure whenever I please, there will be a Starbucks on every corner, I can run to Target with Stella, and grab a Friday night movie (IN ENGLISH) with my husband after dropping Stella off at the grandparents for the evening.  
I would never trade this experience for anything, but it sure will feel good to be back home.

A Bientôt Texas! 
XO, Stella Rose


  1. Excited for you guys and looking forward to reading about how it all unfolds! :)

  2. Hallejuah!! Can't wait to have you all closer. The countdown begins...

  3. cannot wait until you go to the movies!

  4. Excited for yall to get back to Dallas!!!!!

  5. Yay!!! Can't wait! We will have so much fun;)!! Praying for y'all!!! Hugs!

  6. so so happy for yall! :) i can imagine it feels overwhelming to be moving away, but I just know theres a host full of love and open arms to receive yall back in Texas! maybe when we are in Dallas, we can hang out sometime! LOVE YOU friend! :)

  7. How exciting! You sound so happy :) x

  8. Abby, I am SO SO SO excited about this news!! We can have some cute baby play dates sometime after our baby is born. I just love that you will get to be back with your family, and know that you will get to treasure your last few months in France. Congrats on this great news!

  9. If you ever decide to move back, I can tell you that Paris is a lot more similar to living in the US. You can get a pedicure or Starbucks anywhere, almost every movie theater has VO English movies, everyone speaks English so the language barrier isn't a problem, and although we don't have Target we do have Monoprix everywhere you turn! Plus there is an amazing group of Texans (and Aggies!) here and we all take good care of each other and hang out several times a week. If you miss France, Paris would love to have you!



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