Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Valentine's Day DIY

My family finally received their Vday packages a few days ago so I figured I should share how incredibly cute they turned out!!! 

Note: I can't take credit for anything but copying and embellishing a few Pinterest finds :) And forgive me for the non-professional iPhone photos- I ran out of time and these are all I have!  Trust me, all of this was much cuter in person! 

Stella's Valentine's Day package: 
First up was the "Long Distance Hug." It was SO simple, quick to make, and a great keepsake! I printed out tags from this blog post, traced/cut out Stella's hands, measured her arm spam to cut the ribbon, then attached the tag, and viola! A long distance hug for the family overseas :) 
The Baby Footprints Valentine's Day card was inspired from this pin on Pinterest.  Logan and I waited until Stella was asleep to paint her feet white thinking she would sleep through it... um... yeah, right! She woke up screaming so it was a labor of love... AND patience.  I like to think she will thank me someday for putting her through 5 minutes of utter torture! Then I just used scraps that I had lying around in my scrapbooking stash to create 4 unique cards :) I think they turned out really cute! 

NOTE: The footprints are a 2-man job. I cannot fathom doing this solo with a squirmy baby so I highly recommend recruiting a helper. Person A holds the baby while the Person B paints the baby's feet with non-permanent water-based paint.  Person B then gets thick card stock and presses the feet on the paper. Then you "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to see who cleans up the baby's feet before the paint gets everywhere! :) 
Stella and I had a blast making these on Valetine's Day... I can't wait to ACTUALLY craft with her someday - what fun :) 

Hope you enjoyed this post and got some ideas for future gifts or cards - these ideas could easily be adapted for any celebration or holiday! 

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  1. Absolutely LOVED our valentine!! Forever keepsake for Gigi and Opa.



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