Monday, February 18, 2013

Our Attempt at Newborn Photos

Remember the inspirational pictures I had for Stella's newborn pictures? We had the cutest outfits picked out - including the tutu and blingy headband from Aunt Katy and I "pinned" all the "how-to" newborn photography articles and read up on exactly HOW to take the pictures myself.  

The articles and pictures we found make it look SO EASY... you know... put them to sleep, pose them, and voila! Done.



Let me just tell you how our two photo sessions went.  I fed Stella, had the room heat turned up really high, and as soon as we started changing her into our outfits she would start wailing and was wide awake.  We tried to snap a few pictures of her awake and she was having none of it... She first vomited on our bedspread.  We kept perservering and then she peed all over our fur blanket through tears.  Then we made the mistake of putting her in the itchy hot pink tutu and laying her on her tummy... this just royally pissed her off so she topped off the afternoon by pooping on our bedspread.  

Below you can see the attempts and the one "money shot" I was able to snag! 
Somehow we DID manage to get a handful of cute pictures out of the 200+ that we took! I am not sure how all these newborn photographers do it...they make these poses look so EASY and NATURAL.  Gigi and I are convinced that the mere mention of the word CAMERA makes our girl cringe and she immediately wakes up and tries to go on strike.  After a second attempt ending in an inconsolable cry session we decided that 1 of the few good pictures we took would just have to work for the birth announcement.  (We are saving that image until after the birth announcements go out- It's by far my favorite!) 

She will thank me someday, but I am pretty sure she HATED me that afternoon! Here are a few of our favorites. 
***And for the record: I will for sure be using a PROFESSIONAL next time! ***


  1. I think yours look great! Even the outtakes :)

  2. Awe I love them!!! You did a great job;) and have a good story to tell;)

  3. these are very worthy and the outtakes are awesome!

  4. I cannot stop laughing! She was not having any of it in that first batch! I admire your tenacity Abby :)

  5. This was so so funny! Thank you for sharing! While there are some hilarious ones there, there are a lot of really really great ones too. This is a story that I bet you will be telling her someday in front of a boyfriend, "And then stella pooped all over the floor." x

  6. The reason it was so difficult is because you're supposed to do newborn photos within the first week, when they're still sleeping all day every day.. After the first couple of weeks it is SOOOOOO much harder! You did great!!! It's totally normal to shoot for eight hours and only get a handful of good shots, so don't feel bad :)



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