Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stella Rose : 1 Month

Happy 1 Month Baby Girl!!!! My oh my time is flying by and I am trying my best to soak every moment in.  Also: High fives to Logan and myself for keeping this tiny fragile thing ALIVE for an entire month :) 
Here are some things you are up to at 1 month old:

You eat every 3 hours during the day and (mostly) 4 hour stretches at night! We realize we are VERY lucky!  You are most alert in the mornings and evenings and are so incredibly strong.  You are already rolling side to side on your play mat! You can hold your neck up like a champ and have been doing this since your first days of life... We think you had lots of practice fighting every single contraction by arching your neck and back. The below picture was taken of you holding your head up at 1 DAY OLD!!! Crazy strong little girl :) 
You have one fussy time per day that started about 2 weeks ago and we call it "happy hour" - It happens every night around 7pm and nothing we do soothes you... We thought it was gas and come to find out its just you "letting off steam" as your little body's systems are getting into working order.  Other than this fussy period, you are overall a content little girl.  I know this is terrible but I think it's cute when you cry.  It starts out sounding like little coughs or sneezes then you do the ugliest scrunchy face, you turn bright red, and then you start kicking your legs out and in and your arms flail at your sides.... Typically a "milkshake" is the cure but sometimes you just have gas and your poor little tummy is hurting in which case we bounce and bounce and bounce you all around the house. 

You love to stare at everything... lights fascinate you! You constantly have your neck craned upwards looking at the ceiling.  Right now you let anyone hold you and you MUCH prefer to be held than put in your swing or on your play mat.  You can be fast asleep but you know the difference between Daddy's chest, Mommy's arms, and your bassinet.  Because of this, we have had some early morning co-sleeping which is something we never thought we would do! Nothing wrong with some sunrise snuggles, right? :) 
Also if Mommy wants to get ANYTHING done around the house, the magic trick is the Baby Bjorn.  You are out within minutes of being put into that thing.  You are one clingy little girl :) 
We have had 3 doctors appointments so far and you very happily had a blowout diaper the first 2 times right before the appointment.  In fact, the first appointment we forgot to pack an extra change of clothes so we had to put your soiled clothes back on you... haha rookie mom mistake :) 
You were born at 7 lbs 3 oz and now you weigh 7 lbs. 12 oz.  (15.9 percentile) 
You also grew from 20.1 inches to 20.8! (61.8 percentile) You have LONG legs, feet, toes, and fingers.  A long skinny little thing :) Lucky girl! Maybe you will be a ballerina?
Your head is 14.5 inches in circumference. (88.5 percentile) 

Stella Bug
Little Bit
Little Turtle

Favorite faces (You will see SEVERAL of these in the outtakes below!): 
Mr. Magoo
Furrowed brow
Gassy smiles
The "Oooohhh" face
Painful scrunchy face (this usually turns bright RED and we know you are ANGRY!!!)

NOTE: Even THESE pictures are hard to take... especially when they aren't sitting up yet!  But it made for some pretty entertaining blooper pictures :) 
Oh Stella, you are SUCH a good baby. We really cannot imagine life without you and our love just grows and grows with each passing day.  Plus you are just gorgeous and you don't even know it yet... Such a beautiful sweet baby and you have us both wrapped around your tiny little pinky finger. 

We love you to the moon and back!


  1. As hard as it may be to take these pictures (in addition to all of the other pictures I am sure you are taking) keep doing them. I found that taking a TON of pictures has been the best way to feel as though I have captured life. Plus, it makes it easier for you to remember when they were this small later on. I love all the pictures...even the newborn photo shoots! ;)



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