Monday, March 11, 2013

Her Journey

Thank you ALL for the encouragement in launching Abby Leigh Media. I am so excited and nervous all at the same time :) 

Today I thought I would share my latest project which took me an entire 10 months to complete.  It is near and dear to my heart and you will see why.  

This is the journey of Stella Rose. 


  1. LOVE this!!! I am actually so excited because I am totally going to see if you will make something similar for us when our baby gets here. My only problem is that I haven't taken enough pics yet, but I am only half way done, so I can change that. :) So excited for you!

  2. LOVE LOVE! I'm probably going to need you to make one for me since I have pictures galore of my belly every week, sonogram videos, etc. Say yes please!

  3. ABBY I love love love it!!!!! I am so excited and you can do any and all videos that I will need in the future. =) So proud of you and everything. Can't wait for you to get back to Dallas and I have my crafting buddy with me. love you!



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