Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Stella's Birth Announcement

I had a certain vision for Stella's birth announcement and after looking all over Etsy and various printing websites, no one had quite captured it.  So in an effort to save money and get exactly what I wanted, I used the program PicMonkey to design it myself! I am no graphic designer but I think they turned out REALLY cute! 

Stella Rose FINAL


I absolutely fell in LOVE with this picture of Stella. It wasn't intended to be the birth announcement picture- I actually was just practicing with my new 50mm lense once we got home from the hospital and this one turned out so cute we had to use it! She was a mere 7 days old - look how alert she was! (Remember, she did NOT enjoy these photo shoots... so at least she isn't crying!)  

Also- the verse on the back is extremely meaningful to us since Stella girl came in the wake of a devastating loss for our family.  She is our little miracle baby and we truly thank God for giving us this little life.  She was our silver lining, our hope, our answered prayer. 


  1. so cute!! you did great on the cards!!! shes just precious Abby!

  2. She's just beautiful and you did a great job with the birth announcement. Now you have plenty of time to figure out your Christmas card ;)



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