Saturday, April 20, 2013

Au Revior France, Howdy Texas!

Well .... this is my last post written from France.  We are heading up to PARIS today to spend the weekend with our good friends Lorenzo and Marie Alice Monge.  They have started a church and we have been wanting to go visit ever since we moved here... Nothing like checking things off the bucket list 3 days before you leave! 

We are also going to go into Paris one day to take pictures of Little Miss Frenchy in all her French glory.  Next time we are in France she will probably be a toddler, so we wanted to make sure to have pictures of her at the Eiffel Tower when she will still a tiny baby since she was, indeed, born in France. We are crossing our fingers for gorgeous spring weather! 
We leave for Dallas on Tuesday morning and should arrive around 3:45pm Texas time :) I have so much anxiety about the flight over that I've had nightmares.  It will either go great and Stella will sleep like a baby (pun intended) OR we will be buying drinks for all the passengers to help them endure the 10 hour flight.  Either way, we will probably never see these people again, so we've got that going for us right? 
Who knows what the jet lag mixed with the unpredictability of a 3 month old baby will have to offer us once we touch down...but I know we will get through it! BIG LIFE CHANGES coming Stella's way and she is clueless! 

See you all stateside! We are finally coming... HOME. 


Mrs Frenchy 


  1. I will pray for your flight!! You probably have some babysitters in Texas who can let you sleep while overcome that jet lag. :)

  2. Enjoy your last few days in France! Texas will be glad to have you back :) And here's hoping Stella surprises you on the flight and is a total rockstar!

  3. We cannot wait!! Good luck with the photo escapade! Those will be so special for Stella!

  4. It's now Tuesday morning! SAFE TRAVELS HOME! :)



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