Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rodan + Fields

So recently I have joined forces with the dermatologists who created Proactiv... Rodan + Fields!  I am so excited to have this opportunity! 

I first found out about Rodan + Fields through a few posts on Facebook and I must admit, I was extremely skeptical. I figured it was a business where you had to stock inventory or host parties every month so I did not even consider finding out more about it.  Plus, I had no idea the financial blessing it could bring to my family! 

Fast forward a few months... My husband and I were living in France and had our first baby, Stella Rose.  She immediately stole our hearts. WEEKS after she was born we were unexpectedly called to move back to Texas (8 months earlier than planned) We both needed jobs, had no cars, and no place to live.  It was like setting a "reset" button on our life... WITH a newborn. (MAJOR Stress!) My heart broke after thinking I would have to return to Corporate America so much earlier than I had anticipated.  I figured I would be doing corporate marketing like I had done before we moved to France.  My hearts desire was to still work, but from home and I had no idea how this was going to be attainable. We thought we had the whole year to plan, network, and prepare for our move back but God had other plans... MUCH sooner plans I might add. 
This is where I say TIMING IS EVERYTHING.  My best friend from college, Katie, joined Rodan + Fields last fall.  Katie would never sign up with a company that she didn't believe in and the fact that she was passionate about the company gave Rodan + Fields credibility in my book and got me interested in finding out more.  She was helping put her husband through seminary while working part-time doing cardiac rehab when the opportunity presented itself for her to make some extra "side" money.  She had no idea that after 6 months, she would be well on her way to making enough to stay home with her daughter Libby. 
When she told me this business model would allow me to work from home and that she wished she had started earlier, I was intrigued to find out more.  The fact that I would be able to work my hours around a schedule that fit my family and that I could be my own boss sounded amazing! The big "seller" for me was that as a consultant I had a 60 day money back guarantee if I tried out the business and figured out it wasn't a good fit for me.  Taking the financial risk factor out of the equation was huge for us since we were in a tight financial situation already. The bonus came when she told me that Rodan + Fields were the same doctors who created Proactiv and that the R+F brand was previously ranked the #1 clinical brand in Nordstrom before switching to a direct sales model.  I would be selling amazing, successful, top-notch products.  In other words, the products would practically sell themselves.

I am just beginning my journey with R+F but I am so thrilled to work with such amazingly successful and inspirational women every single day.  It is hands down the most positive and uplifting work environment I have ever been a part of.  The goal is truly to see EVERYONE succeed! 

If this is something that peaks your interest even just a little bit I would be happy to share more about it with you.  I don't care if we have never met and you just follow my blog (Believe me, I do that to a LOT of people ), I would seriously love to share more about this company and how it could bless you & your family as well. Just leave me a comment and I will be sure to reach out to you! 

OR if you are interested in our AMAZING skincare regimens you can shop for our products HERE.  Be sure to message me first though so I can get you 10% off and free shipping! 

I would LOVE for you to join me on this journey as we work together to achieve our goals! 

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  1. So stinking excited about the future! We're business owners and our own bosses...what?! :)



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