Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Stella Rose: First Doctor's Appointment!

Last week we had Little Miss Frenchy's FIRST AMERICAN doctor's appointment. (Logan was so happy he didn't have to translate for the first time EVER! haha)  We are going to the Pediatric Associates of Dallas, ironically in the same exact office where I grew up going! It brought back lots of memories and flashbacks... The neon lights, the fish tank, the rocking horse that is actually a hippopotamus... It was surreal and so neat all at the same time. We have truly come full circle. 
We met with Doctor Waters and she was AMAZING! Stella really liked her too. The tough part was that between the translations and metric system dosage of French to American shots, we got a bit nervous that Stella may not have all the vaccinations she needed.  The doctor told us if it were her daughter, she would just start over and that the risk would be greater to guess and her get sick with one of the illnesses than for us to just start over and vaccinate her from the beginning.  (This is what they do with babies that are adopted or situations like ours with babies born overseas)  We were sad for Stella, but it seemed like the best decision so she had her 2 month shots at the appointment, we will go back this month for her 4 month shots, and be on track in July for her 6 month appointment and shots. She just has to play catch up, poor girl! 
Her 4.5 month stats are:
Weight: 16.9 pounds (95%) 
Length: 26.5 inches (ABOVE 95%) 
Head Circumference: 16.75 inches (85%) 
Looks like our girl is thriving and growing FAST!!! She basically went from newborn clothes to 6 month clothes in a span of a few weeks... that formula sure does a baby good :) 
Little one was EXHAUSTED after the appointment and even had a little fever that lasted almost 48 hours... my heart broke for her and her cute little baby thighs.  On the upside, she was EXTRA cuddly which is always a bonus for our "busy" girl! 

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