Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 10th - Who Inspires You?

Write about someone who inspires you...

I really love the blogger Casey Weigand.  She is a local Dallas girl and I love how she's received a huge following from just being transparent about her struggles and her faith.  She doesn't sugar-coat things and she is such a source of encouragement and truly does live a very simple, very FULL life.  I would love to meet her at some point! We have only exchanged greetings over social media :) She is the one who inspired me to post about my miscarriage - something that was totally scary and yet, has blessed me in ways I never imagined.  Being able to connect with others and share my experience in a way that makes other girls feel less alone and encourages them that they will make it through! I admire her vulnerability and I am inspired that she is able to balance a very successful Art Studio and blog all the while being a SUPER Mom to 3 littles! 

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