Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15th - Last Good Deed

The last good deed I did for someone... 

Well I am currently house sitting for a friend of mine and she is graciously allowing us to use her car while they are gone.  We noticed that it said to "service engine soon" so we are going to get the oil changed for them this week while they are gone since that is always a pain in the rear :)  We thought it would be something nice to take off their plate! 

Last good deed someone did for ME... 

This same sweet girl left us a bottle of wine AND a Dominos gift card just to say thank you for house sitting.  I thought that was SO sweet! She also stocked the fridge and left out a basket of goodies in the bathroom including an unopened toothbrush in case we forgot ours! I can only hope to be as gracious of a host someday when we are home owners. 

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