Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 16th - One thing you have never done...

What is one thing you have never done that most people have?

I was never in athletics in junior high or high school. I know it may sound weird but I always wanted to have the memories of the locker room and matching Lake Highlands sweats. At the time, I was a very competitive gymnast (20 hours of training per week) so I was able to get "OCPE" (Off Campus Physical Education) and I left school early every day so that I could make it in time for my daily 4-8pm workout. It was a HUGE commitment and I squeezed studying and homework into my commute there and back and was up late almost every night eating dinner and finishing up studying.  I think I missed out on a lot until I joined the cheerleading squad and then I felt more involved and invested in the school.  

(I wanted to be Dominique Moceanu)

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