Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 17th - 7 Random Facts

Post 7 Random Facts about yourself.

1.  I only like to read at the beach! I can't seem to find time or energy to do it otherwise! 
2. I don't really like country music... HOWEVER, my tune is changing now that I am such a huge Blake Shelton fan thanks to The Voice! 
3. I have never been a sweets person (until pregnancy) - I really prefer meat and potatoes... and on that note, I don't really love icing.  When I get cakes or cupcakes, I always take the icing off and just eat the cake- weird right? 
4. Logan really is my favorite person to hang out with in the entire world.  My favorite thing we do is take evening walks with Stella, listen to music, and talk. I miss the scenery of the French countryside so much... 
5. Personal mantra: I think that LOVE is louder than anything else.  Love your neighbor, yourself, your enemies.  Don't waste time and energy hating people or their decisions... love them through it. 
6. I lived in Nashville, Tennessee when I was little up until my first day of kindergarten when we moved to Dallas. 
7. Thanks to the relatively new sonogram technology in the 1980's, my parents were told that I was going to be a BOY! My name was going to be Reid Evans and my nursery was navy blue with farm animals... It was truly a HUGE surprise when I popped out a little girl :) 


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