Friday, August 9, 2013

5 :)

5 things making me SMILE this week! 

1.  This is a GREAT article I read from Huffington Post this week about being a Mom that is always in a HURRY... I find myself battling this already and Stella isn't even old enough to apply to most of these things.  I do not want to be the "hurry up" Mom. 

2. Watch and enjoy! So clever :)  

3. If you are friends with me on Facebook, you saw this posted this week but it is STILL making me smile! 

LOGANISM... maybe the BEST ONE YET!!!

Logan: Hey babe! Did you know its Hump day today? I just got an email!
Me: Ummmmm yeahhhh... it's Wednesday?
Logan: Wait what? No HUMP DAY...something big going on for the Aggies today! You know "Hump it Ags?"
Me: You aren't from around here are you? (exploding into laughter!)

My Frenchman... not QUITE fully American

4. This little girls room is pure MAGIC. What a dream bed! 

5.  This girl has my whole heart... She's my little sidekick and I love spending each day with her.  I will do a post on this next week, but this little dress was Logan's Mom's when she was little. It was made in the Philippines and has the most gorgeous little details and buttons.  I am so happy I took pictures of Stella in it now because I am not sure it will fit her much longer! 

What are yours? 

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