Thursday, August 8, 2013


My perspective USED to be: BIGGER. BETTER. NICER. MORE. 

In a society that craves STUFF, I have been so humbled by our current circumstances. 

Recently, I've heard so many people complain about their neighborhoods, how old their house is, how tiny their apartment is... and I smile.  Logan and I would LOVE to have 4 walls to call our own.  We would be thrilled to have 500 square feet of us... Our wedding gifts and all our STUFF is still in storage after 2+ years. We have learned to live without it. 

People also LOVE to complain about their cars... How OLD they are, how they need a NEWER one, or NICER one... and I bite my tongue.  We sold BOTH of our cars in 2011 and came back to NO cars.  I borrow my Mom's Jetta when I can and almost every day I wake up at 7am to drive Logan to and from work in Los Colinas.  It's almost 2 hours of driving per day so that we can share the car.  Stella and I frequently walk across Abrams (Gasp! Believe me, we get looks!) to go to Starbucks, Walgreens, or Subway.  Its humbling, but good for us. We have transportation... they are called LEGS. 

These circumstances I realize are temporary. This is a season... a difficult one, but one that will pass. We will be homeowners someday (I hope) and we will drive our own cars (hopefully 2) as well but I don't ever want to forget about right now.  The STUFF we feel like defines us.  It doesn't. It is JUST STUFF.  I never want to take these things for granted... I want to appreciate what we have been given - good or bad, small or large, nice or cheap.  

SO that is my soap box for today.  Perspective.  Have one.  There is always someone worse off and better off than you are.  Be grateful for what you have. Do not take it for granted.  Be gentle with your words. Read your audience.  May cheerfulness and gratitude flow from all of us for what we HAVE been given. We have more than enough. 


  1. Love true!! I totally agree - our lifestyle here in France is so different than in the States. When we moved was 1 car for over a year, now we have 2 - but both are older. We save our money for trips, we are choosing to live on one income - not 2. We have less stuff - and it works! Perspective - we are still comfortable, we are still taken care of with necessities and we are truly enjoying ourselves! It's not about bigger, better and more - it's about living in the moment - being grateful for what you have. Well said - thanks for that post tonight - It's a great reminder!!

  2. love this and loved seeing y'all this weekend.

  3. My dear wise niece, I am proud of you and Logan you have wisdom beyond your years. And you are right this is a season, and if God wills, you will have your cars and your house.
    Love you loads

  4. Thanks for sharing. I really appreciate your perspective!



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