Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Stella Rose: 7 MONTHS OLD!

AHHHHH.... Time slow down!!! You are slowly, but surely taking my BABY away and replacing her with a little girl.  Although, I must admit... she has become my little sidekick FULL of personality.  Stella - you are a joy to be around.  Your smile LIGHTS UP THE ROOM. Literally if you smile, I can't help but smile back :)
What are you up to these days?

Well still sitting up like a champ and playing with your toys.... still ZERO interest in crawling.  However you frequently lock your legs and refuse to sit down because you want so badly to stand up! Maybe you will skip crawling and just walk! 
Still teething without any sign of teeth popping through... This month wasn't as bad as far as waking up throughout the night though.  We feel like Motrin is doing its job and we are grateful.

You are starting to figure out how to feed yourself the bottle.  Most of the time, you use both hands AND feet to do it and it is SO cute! 
You are still a great sleeper. Typically 8:30pm - 7am with a dream feed around 10:30 or 11pm right before we go to bed. 
You are eating 6 oz every 3-4.5 hours.  We really just let you tell us when you are hungry.  We have also started to actively introduce food into your diet.  We try to do 1 fruit in the morning- your favorites have been bananas, pears, and apple sauce.  Verdict is still out on peaches.  We do 1 veggie at night - you are loving ALL the veggies (good girl!) Your absolute favorite is squash of all things... and I hate squash! We are also trying to get you to eat oatmeal 1x per day but you just don't like the taste or texture of it... and I don't blame you. You also do this adorable squishy face and blow air out your nostrils when you eat... I don't know if its because some of the food gets up your nose or what but it is so funny! (OH and Gigi fed you your first popsicle too!) 
You have started clapping your hands and its adorable.
You are laughing more frequently.  You LOVE to be on our shoulders and anything that bounces you up and down.  Your excersaucer is getting a workout because you bounce bounce BOUNCE in that thing.  
You are passing your toys from hand to hand and really showing interest in them which is cute.  Your favorite toy right now is this tower of stacking rings and lots of them have balls inside of them so they make noise.  You are also quite partial to Sophie and frequently try to bite her head off. 
Your naps are totally unpredictable.  Some days you will cat nap on and off all day and others you will take a 2.5 hour nap.  So I have just learned to be flexible.  You DO typically go down for at least an hour every morning so I can at least count on that :) 
We have frequented the water park and swimming with this HOT Texas summer and you love your baths as well... you really can stay in the water all day long and be content.  We've come a long way! 
You talk talk talk talk TALK!!! AND GROWL!!! You aren't angry, you just have learned this new sound and you do it all the time! It is hilarious but also quite distracting in restaurants because you make SO MUCH NOISE!!! You aren't mad, you are just communicating :) 
We think you may have gotten your first little cold this month because Mommy & Daddy were sick with allergies.  You never ran a fever, but you did have a congestion, runny nose, sneezing & coughing.  The cough hasn't quite gone away so we are hoping it will pretty soon. 
You have recently started reaching for me.  It really hurts Daddy's feelings because sometimes all you want is Mommy and even if I walk out of the room, you start crying like crazy.  It is nice to feel needed and loved but exhausting at times too. 
You met your Uncle Johnny this month for the first time.  He is your Daddy's best friend and was the Best Man in our wedding. He also came to see us in France when you were in Mommy's belly and your friend Emma was in Aunt Elise's belly! We will have many memories to come with them :) 
We don't have your stats so I will try to find a way to measure and weigh you... All I know is that you no longer fit in anything 6 months and under! You are very LONG! You are already wearing 9-12 month clothes so we had to do some tax free weekend shopping for you which was really fun :) You have become quite the little errand runner / shopper with me! 
We love you little Stella Bug!!!! It's hard to believe you are over 1/2 way to a year old! You get more and more fun with each passing day.  We love you! 

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  1. I love all the pictures, Abby! Stella is beautiful!



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