Monday, September 9, 2013

Entering a NEW Season... finally!

In 2010, Logan and I signed on a Lakwood duplex that walked out of my dreams.  It was charming, old, quirky, and in the cutest neighborhood in Dallas.  I was smitten and honestly bawled my eyes out when we had to move out a year later.  I told our landlord we would have stayed forever if we weren't moving overseas to France.

Fast forward to this past week and my same landlord calls me up and tells me that the TWIN property was going up for lease because someone was breaking their lease agreement.  We went to look at it THAT DAY and turned in our applications that night.  This is the same house. Same street. Just 1.5 blocks down the road! I must admit, it is not the charming, red brick corner home we used to have but it has bigger closet space and a much nicer backyard perfect for patio furniture and a grill! The bathroom is a shower only which will get us to start thinking creatively about Stella's bath time and our kitchen is closed in instead of an open concept.  Other than those minor differences, it is the same exact space and floorplan and we couldn't be more thrilled to be back in Lakewood! 

We move in October 1st and this week I get to go pick out paint colors for our home and Stella's nursery!  I seriously can't wait to unpack our storage units because I honestly don't even remember what all we got for our wedding... Our wedding gifts have been in storage longer than we ever used them! haha So it is going to be like getting married all over again :) 

Logan got a job. We bought a car. We found a place to live. Things are coming together and it feels good to be emerging slowly, but surely from a very difficult season.  Crazy how much things can change in just 4 weeks. 




  1. When I see my life and yours at this moment I can say God is great, we were right to trust him and do a big faith step. Thank God for these blessings!!

  2. This is such happy news! I'm thrilled that everything is working out for you guys :)



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