Friday, September 13, 2013

5 :)

I am finally starting to get into a groove with my balancing act of work-from-home Mom and being a good Mom BUT I have NOT found time to really commit to my blogging.  It was much easier in France because I had lots of time on my hands and not many friends! My primary focus right now is Stella, Logan, moving, and growing my R+F business/ Abby Leigh Media.  SO sorry to you guys for being a bit quiet around these parts... At some point I am hoping to work this into my weekly routine but for now its a struggle finding time! 

BUT I did find time today... Stella is napping (HALLELUJAH) which brings me to #1.... 

1. This little nugget has been napping like a CHAMP this week! Not at consistent times, but for longer stretches! I have been much less overwhelmed and gotten lost of stuff accomplished this week! 

2. We have a HUGE HUGE HUGE football game this weekend. Biggest one of the season against Alabama!!! Johnny Football has been in the news and under a ton of scrutiny lately but no one can argue, the kid can play a mean football game! I can't wait! Bring on the haters :) 
3.  BRING ON THE FALL WEATHER!!! We are finally back into the 90's?!?!? Is it weird that we celebrate that in Texas? I am on the hunt for the perfect Aztec sweater and love this one! (You know how I love color...) 
4. I just visited Trader Joe's for the first time last week and I fell in love with the Mocha Cappuccino mix right after I sampled it! It has saved me BIG $$ this week when I normally would have hit up Starbucks!
5.  My first weekend away from Stella starts TONIGHT!!! I am nervous but also really excited... We surprised my bestie Bromli at the airport yesterday and are keeping the whole weekend a surprise.  BUT we have lots of QT girls time planned and I think that's going to be SO good for me! Relax. Catch Up. Sleep IN!?!??! WHAT?!?!? Can't wait! 



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