Thursday, September 19, 2013

Stella Rose: 8 months old!

8 months old.... Little Stella girl you are just happier than ever! The only time you really get upset is if you are tired or hungry.  You are ALL SMILES and make anyone that ever meets you feel special when you give them one of your BIG, GUMMY grins :)
What are you up to these days? Well CLEARLY you are developing a lil personality! 
Instead of crawling (although you have thought MORE about it this month) you just barrel roll to where you want to go, grab your toy, then roll back to your spot.  Every time we lay you on your tummy you roll back over.  So, we aren't stressing over it! You will do what you want to do. BUT you are standing up!!! You stand with support on chairs, my legs, or Daddy's shorts! When you do lose your balance you just promptly sit down.  I really wouldn't be surprised if you just walk instead of crawl ha!  You can also take little steps if we hold your hands but you are still getting the hang of it :) 
Still teething without any sign of teeth popping through...I don't get it... I am guessing that you will just go from NONE to ALL your teeth at once! You slobber all over EVERYTHING and stick every single thing immediately into your mouth and chew on it, especially my purse, phone, and keys.  Little teeth, where are you? 
You feed yourself all the time now... we can help if you want, but you typically just lay on your back and feed yourself. The only funny thing is when you take a break, you sometimes shake the bottle and milk flies all over the place and on your face. Other times you just like to be lazy, lounge back, and have us do all the work for you ;) (Pictured below) 
You are still a great sleeper and finally dropped your dream feed!!! You go down around 8 or 8:30pm and wake up around 7:30 when its time to take Daddy to work.  My favorite time in the morning is when Logan is getting ready and brings you to me to snuggle and sleep. His closet is in your room right now so he does this so you can sleep longer... He snapped this blurry picture of us this week and I just love it. 
You are eating 6 oz every 3- 4 hours and still loving your gerber baby foods! There really hasn't been one that you don't like EXCEPT FOR PEAS! (I have a hilarious video I will have to post this week) You were unsure of the chicken noodle soup but once we heated it up, you liked it... you are ALL ABOUT temperature! So we feed you a fruit in the morning and a veggie at night.  We gave up on the grain. You will live :) 
Your excersaucer is still your daily workout and you LOVE it!   You are kind of over your swing which is a bittersweet day for me AND you have little interest in Sophie... in fact, your favorite "toys" seem to be my purse, my keys, my wallet, and my iPhone.  Not kidding - you can be on a quilt of ALL your toys and the one you reach for is my phone ha! Here you are giving me the stink eye for taking my phone away from you, ha! 
Your naps are getting BETTER! Praise God! You have started sleeping on your side or tummy and that seems to get the job done. They aren't consistently LONG, but they are around consistent times.  Typically your first is around 9am until about 10:30 and your second is the in the afternoon around 3pm to 4:30ish... on a good day ;) You also FIGHT your naps, quite literally... we find you in all sorts of crazy positions but your face must ALWAYS be covered by something SOFT. It is hilarious. 
You are still talking A LOT!!! I am starting to think you really are saying things... Like in the morning you will say "bahbahbahbahbah" and I think thats bottle? And then later on if I ever leave the room you will cry and say "mahmahmahmahmah" and I think thats Mama??? I don't know for sure but its starting to get consistent!  And you still LOVE bath time. I can leave you in there forever... the water can even start getting cold and you are so content. 
You are definitely going through separation anxiety which was flattering for a few days and then just exhausting.  Not only do you only want to be held by me, but you don't even like it when I leave the room.  So lately you have been attached to my hip... quite literally.  You can pitch a MEAN fit already... your face turns red and everything! 
You are still having a runny nose and sneezing... I think its just allergies but you seem to still have energy and feel just fine! I have heard that can go along with teething as well.  

I went away for an entire weekend and left you with Daddy for the first time EVER!!! AND... you did GREAT! Yall watched the Aggie game and played and Daddy even let you sleep with him one night when you were having a hard time getting to bed.  I think its only a matter of time before you are sick of me and prefer to be Daddy's Little Girl. 
Your hair is starting to really come in! Its light brown and curls at the end... so precious :) 
You are also SUPER hot natured so every time  you go in your carseat or even drink your bottle, you break out in a sweat... just like your Daddy in that sense!  Last month you weighed in as 20.1 pounds so I will try to get stats on you for this month as well!  We feel like you are losing chunk which is sad...but you are just becoming SO ACTIVE that the baby chunk is falling off already! 
Our little AGGIE :) Brainwashing has begun...
You and your BFF Emerson :) 
We love you little BUG!!! I wouldn't be surprised if you are crawling or walking by our next monthly update... BIG milestones ahead and you keep getting more and more FUN! :) Love you little one! 

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