Wednesday, December 11, 2013

OH Hello there neglected BLOG!!!

We are still here.  I haven't forgotten about you blog BUT I am finding it very hard to make time for you these days.  You see when we were in FRANCE, this was my lifeline to the "real world" - aka all my friends/ family back home (or fake bloggy friends I pretend that I am friends with) and now that we are back... I honestly feel like this is at the bottom of my priority list! Heck- I barely get around to even READING blogs anymore.  Shame on me. 

What is on top of my list you may ask? 

And that whole working on R+F and Abby Leigh Media/cooking/ cleaning/ laundry/ decorating for Christmas/ grocery shopping/ spending time with friends and family/ small group with our church/ etc. 

If I have a spare minute here or there, I like to prop my feet up and try to soak in a few minutes of P&Q before my little Stella girl wakes up from her short-lived naps and is rarin' to go again! Life has slowly gotten into a good little rhythm here lately and I am cutting myself some slack and letting a few things take the back seat because life is busy and chaotic and sometimes we need to pump the brakes. Step back. And reassess our priorities.  These are my people. My priorities. My heart. My LIFE.  

So bloggy friends- I apologize.  If you want to follow me on Instagram (@mrsfrenchy) feel free- I seem to post there pretty frequently as it just takes me a mere 30 seconds to do :) 

Have a great week!

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